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October is Energy Action Month!  

Energy Conservation Poster Art and Slogan Contest

Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.  – Thomas H. Allen

This year due to COVID 19 our contest is virtual.  After consulting with Lydia Stewart and several art teachers, we are accepting assignments, as a picture of the student’s project. Teachers send it to the GO Green office’s email.  More specific information is below

This contest is open for all students, students with Art in their heart, environmentally aware students, and any student who loves art and conserving energy,  all Cumberland County students’ kindergarten to 12th  grade.

Illustrate your Answer to this Question on your poster: 

During the COVID 19  pandemic, what have you been doing to be your family’s energy heroine/hero?

What slogan would answer these questions?  Create original artwork.  No kits, traced, copied, altered, commercial or copyrighted artwork will be accepted.

All poster art should demonstrate the theme and express an artistic slogan related to the energy conservation and action question above.

Artwork will be judged as follows:  Subject Matter – Theme/Slogan, Originality and creativity, Artistic execution and craftsmanship, Appropriateness for reproduction. 

The # 1 HIGH SCHOOL poster will be published in poster form and distributed to all schools in Cumberland County.

In the Pre-K – grade 2 category, winners will receive a Certificate.
3rd  – 5th-grade level, 6th-8th grade level, and 9th-12th Grade will receive:

First Place –                             $100 and certificate
Second Place –                         $75 and certificate
Third Place –                            $50 and certificate
Honorable Mention –             Certificate

NEW Websites

NEW Guidelines To Submit drawings:

Students complete the project,  take a picture (preferably high resolution if possible), and send it to their teacher.

Teachers choose the top 3 for each grade level. Create a slide for each entry with the information required.

Submit your entries no later than the end of the business day at 5 pm, Friday, November 6, 2020.  No late posters will be accepted.


Elementary and Middle 

  • Elementary students may use 8.5 x 11 paper preferably unlined but lined paper will be ok.  Make sure there are margins of 1/2″-1″ around the page.
  • Elementary teachers submit the top 3 for each grade; get everyone involved for a school-wide contest.
  • Each entry must be submitted through an identified class and teacher.
  • The required information is listed below under All Entries When Submitting.
  • All artwork must be original. 
  • All artwork must be two-dimensional drawings or paintings. Collages or three-dimensional artworks cannot be accepted.
  • A variety of art media may be used including watercolors, acrylics, colored markers, pen & ink, oil paints, and tempera. Please select media that is best suited for printing and reproduction purposes.
  • Each drawing must be labeled with a slogan.

High Schools

  • 11 x 17 is not Since the first-place winner will be published when students take a photo of the artwork to send to the teacher, students should pay attention to pixels and resolution.  High-Quality pictures have large amounts of pixels which give a high resolution.  For the poster to be clear and high quality when printed, the artwork should be between 3100 to 3508 pixels x 4961 to 5100 pixels.  The key is to make sure your camera (whether it is a phone or digital camera) is on high resolution, this is especially true if you are not sure about the pixels.
  • PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHMENT BELOW for iPhone information. Droid pictures do not need converting when going from your phone to a 
  • Make sure there is a 1-inch margin around all edges of the entries; so, it can be reproduced and mounted without cutting off any creative efforts!
  • teachers submit the top 3 for each grade; get everyone involved for a school-wide contest.
  • Each entry must be submitted through an identified class and teacher.|
  • All artwork must be original. 
  • All artwork must be two-dimensional drawings or paintings. Collages or three-dimensional artworks cannot be accepted.
  • A variety of art media may be used including watercolors, acrylics, colored markers, pen & ink, oil paints, and tempera. Please select media that is best suited for printing and reproduction purposes.
  • Each drawing must be labeled with a slogan.

Specific Information for High School entries:

When Submitting Entries for All Grade Levels;

Under or beside the photo, type in the following required information:


    • Poster slogan,
    • student’s full name,
    • parent’s name,  
    • address,
    • school and grade,
    • teacher’s, and principal’s name
    • and if they have a Yes or No for video/photo permission.


 Teachers create a Google drive folder with Energy Contest 2020, your school (eg. LCMS), and your name.   Create one slide per picture with the required information (below).  Share your file withglorialengel@ccs.k12.nc.us.  I will copy the file and share it with the judges. 
Share your School’s entries with the Go Green Initiative office by Friday, November 6, 5 pm.


Part 1 – How to avoid Taking photos in the HEIC format on iPhone

Your iPhone photo might not work after transferring them to your PC, Google or or Canvas.  This is usually because Apple saves iPhone photos as HEIC format to save space, but that format isn’t widely supported by other devices.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to avoid the HEIC format when transferring photos from your iPhone.

If you want to change your iPhone photo format, follow these two steps to do so:

  1. Go to Settings> Camera> Formats.

       2.  Select Most Compatible.

1a Camera    1b Format1c Most Compatible







Select Camera            Select Formats             Select Most Compatible  

Your iPhone saves new photos and videos your capture as your iPhone saves new photos and videos you capture as JPEG and H.264 formats, respectively. You should be able to transfer them to your computer and use them in a range of apps more easily.

Part 2 – How to avoid the HEIC form when transferring iPhone photos

Most people encounter problems with HEIC format iPhone photos after transferring them to a Mac or PC. On a Mac, you should be able to open HEIC format images if you update to macOS High Sierra or later.  If that isn’t possible, change your iPhone settings to make it automatically convert photos to a more compatible format when transferring to Mac or PC. Follow the instructions below to do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Photos.
  2. Scroll down to the Transfer to Mac or PC
  3. Tap Automatic.

2a Photos 2b  Scroll Down 2c Select Automatic









Select Settings                 Scroll Down                  Tap Automatic

From the article, “How to avoid HEIC format when transferring photos from your iPhone”, By Dan Helyer,  Last updated March 17, 2020.




Enjoy the Gallery of previous entries and winners!


This is an image that is linked to Earth's latest data for atmospheric CO2

Logo for Our Partner Sustainable Sandhills


To find out more about our partner Sustainable Sandhills visit their site.


Cumberland County Go Green Initiatives's Facebook Logo


Cumberland County Go Green Initiative Schools has a Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook!



Walking the Walk:  Green Schools of the Year 2019

Is your School the Best of the Best GO GREEN School?  It is that time of year when we ask, ‘Are YOU the Greenest GO GREEN School in Cumberland County?’  Tell us all the special things that make your school green and great.   Send along evidence in pictures that support your claim.  The deadline for entries is June 5, 2019, 5 pm.  We look forward to hearing from your school.

2016 Cliffdale Elementary
2017 TC Berrien Elementary, Hope Mills Middle and Jack Britt HS
2018 Seventy-First HS, and JW Coon Elementary
2019 Walker-Spivey Elementary,  Douglas Byrd High School
2020 Your School?  

Congratulations to our GO GREEN Certified Districts
Gray’s Creek District:  all schools are Certified GO GREEN SCHOOLS!
Jack Britt District:  all schools are Certified GO GREEN SCHOOLS!
South View District: all schools are Certified GO GREEN SCHOOLS!
Westover District:  all schools are Certified GO GREEN SCHOOLS!

GO GREEN Certified Schools

Does Your School Have What It Takes To Become Green Certified?

All of our schools are invited to implement the Go Green Initiative program by teaching personal responsibility and environmental stewardship of the earth, realizing cost savings from water and energy conservation and reducing solid waste disposal.  However, schools that wish to be  “Green Certified” must evaluate their school using the Certification Rubrics of required and optional measures.  Schools are certified and then re-certified after 2 years.  Requirements for re-certification include updating the rubrics through school evaluations and scheduling a walk through with the Go Green coordinator. 
Self Evaluation rubrics are all part of a school’s sustainability plan.  As a result of updating and increasing a schools ‘grade’, schools work toward a comprehensive school sustainable environment.  The rubrics incorporate the five principles.  Each has strategies to choose but is not limited to the suggested strategies.  Many successful programs have worked outside the box toward their sustainability successes:

1.  Awareness and Education
2.  Energy Conservation and Efficiency
3.  Water Conservation and Efficiency
4.  Pollution Prevention
5.  Waste Reduction and Recycling

When a school has satisfied the requirements, they are recognized county-wide and awarded as a Certified Green School by the Sustainable Sandhills Board of Directors and have all the bragging rights that come with it!

District 1 – Lillian Black Elementary, Long Hill Elementary, Manchester Elementary, Raleigh Road Elementary, Spring Lake Middle

District 2 – Seventy-First High, Anne Chestnut Middle, Bill Hefner Elementary, Brentwood Elementary, E. E. Miller Elementary, Lake Rim Elementary, Loyd Auman Elementary, Seventy-First Classical Middle

Cumberland County Schools' Green Schools Certified LogoDistrict 3 – Jack Britt High, E. Melvin Honeycutt Elementary, New Century International Elementary, New Century International Middle, John Griffin Middle, Stoney Point Elementary

District 4 – South View High, C. Wayne Collier Elementary, Ed V. Baldwin Elementary, Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary, Hope Mills Middle, Rockfish Elementary, South View Middle  

District  5 –  Douglas Byrd High, Cumberland Road Elementary, Douglas Byrd Middle, Howard Learning Academy, Ireland Drive Middle, J. W. Coon Elementary, Mary McArthur Elementary, Massey Hill Classical High, Montclair Elementary, Sherwood Park Elementary, William H. Owen Elementary

District 6 – Cape Fear High, Armstrong Elementary, District 7 Elementary, Eastover Central Elementary, Seabrook Elementary, Stedman Elementary, Stedman Primary, Sunnyside Elementary

District 7 – Gray’s Creek High,  Alderman Road Elementary, Gallberry Farm Elementary, Gary’s Creek Elementary, Gray’s Creek Middle

District 8 – Westover High, Ben Martin Elementary, Cliffdale Elementary, Morganton Road Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary, Westover Middle

District 9 – Terry Sanford High School, A. B. Wilkins High, Alma Easom Elementary, Glendale Acres Elementary, Teresa C. Berrien Elementary, Walker-Spivey Elementary

District 10 – E. E. Smith High, Ferguson-Easley Elementary, Luther ‘Nick’ Jeralds Middle School, Margaret Willis Elementary, Ramsey Street High School, Reid Ross Classical Middle and High, Warrenwood Elementary, Westarea Elementary


Published by Gloria Lengel on October 6, 2020

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